Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Samurai 86 For Sale

Here's your chance to get one of the coolest bodies on the planet. "Used"

Here is the spec.

Tamiya Toyota 86 1:10 Body Shell
Speed Way Pal over fender custom fitted.
Speed Way Pal rear spoiler stays.
Yokomo BN Sports FC rear wing.
.RSG. Custom sticker set.
Tamiya translucent red, Atlas chrome, Black paint.
Hobby Pro Light set.
Custom cage. 
Kazama Body weights (Roof Mount)
One set of wheels and no tyres.
Max One " Scars." 
ready for Velcro Mount

Your choice of wheel.
              Mikuni GL Ultimate Metallic Red. +9 New
              Street Jam XSA Red / Bronze +10 Near New
              Kazama FXR White +10 Near New
              Top Line N Model +9 x4  front and +12 x2 Rear option. Old. (the best combo for this body)

Price 12000Yen + delivery (usually around 2500Yen).

Extra wheel sets 1500 yen.

Best offset is +11 front and +15 rear.
So some spacers are usually run with this.

 Below are some current photo shoot shots showing body condition. (I will add more showing internals)

Some marks ... uncleaned.

most will buff out.

Some small marks in the lexan.

but from a distance... no-one can tell.

One of Two only.

A couple of cracks in the front repaired with shoe goo and reinforced.

Scuffs from door to door.

on both sides.

on Debut.

After 1 week.

At street Jack.

in action.

ready for more. head to the For Sale section

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