Wednesday, September 5, 2012

RE-Xtreme Tsunami 86 vs Samurai 86

Today was a bit special for me. This is kind of the culmination of my RC enjoyment right here.

 I made these two bodies almost identical for a reason. Twin drift.

I always enjoy battles with Iishida-san. He is kind of my mentor, I guess. He helped me understand RC drift and pointed me in the right direction.

I wish I could understand a lot more Japanese though because my struggle with technical understanding would really benefit a lot more.

Anyway. Today I brought a new velcro mount and we stuck the Red Samurai 86 on the TA-05 OTA-R conversion chassis and went for it. 

 I knew it would fit because we run exactly the same wheel / camber settings.

These two 86 bodies are small and nimble. You can really get much closer than I ever have before. We did 3 batteries worth of tandem and some MAX ONE hamburger S15 sandwich action with Yamada-san. We even started to tandem the highway line.Yamada-san commented how easy it was to follow the 86. It's the extra space it creates for transitions. but actually soon you find yourself closer than ever before.

The bodies looked great together, (maybe someone has pictures) but I was enjoying this a LOT!
We also created a double loop high speed course when only 2 of us were running. Very very cool!
I had to double check sometimes, cause I was so used to the red car. I would think I was driving it.

In any case. I totally recommend the 86 as THE must have RC body. it opens up the track a lot and the extra 20mm less on each corner can create a better driving experience. 

I had never cooked the tachyon before today, but I was running sooo hard, I finally achieved heat cutout.

is that the same as RC nirvana? maybe.

Anyway... It was a special day for me.

I'm leaving Japan in about a month or so, so in these last few weeks, experiences like this are really cherished.

Sometimes, I'm even a bit speechless really. 


  1. The white wheels look so much better on it! Adds a bit more contrast, I like it!

    Are you going to add panellines to the blue 86?

  2. Maybe...

    but just grey pen...
    I still have a few small things to do, but i punished it today...
    it was stuck twice under the MAX One bridge.

    Has a big scrape on one fender already. Weds are scraped, many small scapes.
    I may do a close up in the sun tomorrow. Of the after effects.

    I broke the wing also. the angled mount was a bit dubious. mount is Ok, but the wing itself needs some retainers now.

    The bonnet, I will add the scoop into a hole mounted from below in carbon.

    Should be mad.

  3. Love this! Is this the Tamiya 86 body?

  4. the red one very nice, what PS u use it?

  5. The paint on the red is PS transparent RED. (for lights) Backed with Atlas chrome and then black.

    the effect is really nice, but the black doesn't stick to the chrome so well.

    having said that... it has lasted a long time.

    1. PS tamiya?? i cant find PS transparent RED? wich PS number??

  6. the paint only PS transparent red? i meant the body not the light backed??
    PS transparent red with black or white?

  7. PS-37 Translucent Red - 100ml Spray Can
    Item #86037

  8. The red is backed with chrome spray. not Tamiya
    Atlas chrome

  9. oo, oke, first tamiya PS 37 translucent Red then atlas crome and the last black?

  10. Yes, thats right.

    be careful of the red. It's really thin and runs easily.
    The chrome can be a little weak in adhesion.

    If anyone knows a better chrome spray then please let us know.

  11. oke.. i'll try, but i find the atlas chrome first , cause it not easy to find at my location..
    maybe if i cant find atlas chrome, i use the other, if it better i will tell u
    thx bro


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