Sunday, September 9, 2012

RE-Xtreme Tsunami 86 & DRB Damage

The price of drift is high, but at least it's not as bad as On Road Racing.

This damage is a result of pushing the limit. Running Tandem and Triple across the MAX ONE Highway and going for proximity.

I think the fender slice adds character.

I'm yet to refinish the bonnet scoop. the MAX ONE off-ramp taking it's toll here.

and here.  Some wood chips still on the corner of the bonnet.

rear wing mounting holes were damaged, for now its fixed roughly, but the mount is bent now... more thinking involved... 

Some small impact scratches are unavoidable at MAX ONE.

I inspected the chassis again last night and found this... OMG!

The pin had come out of the RC Square drive shaft and started eating my rear hub... haha!

It must have been like that for a few revolutions.

It took it's toll on the rest of the drive train too. broken FCD holder.

FCD is damaged also.

So a new 1.5 FCD was purchased. (DIB belt version... I should read the pack more carefully.)
I swapped a new belt onto the DRB also because the old one was fraying.

I also picked up some brakes. I'm in the mode of making things pretty before I leave Japan, so the small details I'd been putting off for a while are finding their way onto the chassis for completion.

New nuts, Antenna stay etc etc.


  1. You're leaving Japan? For good?

  2. Damn those F1 mirrios. THey break so easily. I hate them.
    Loose pin damage is massive. Definately more that a few revolutions. How come didn't you hear that? I had same story and it was sooo obvious that something was wrong.
    Caliper set is supercool too. So, it fits OD knuckles?)

  3. Don't know who is asking... but yes. In late october i'll be re-starting life in Australia.

    Fun / hard times ahead.

    1. What state will you go to in Australia?

    2. As yet undecided, in I.T. job hunting mode. Base is NSW, but ACT, VIC and QLD are all possible.

    3. oh okay good luck i live in QLD Brisbane

  4. rear pin, it wasn't really noticible. just a small click. I get a bit of backlash from the amount of brake I use anyway, so It wasn't effecting the driving at all..

    I was very surprised to see it. It does however explain why the car was getting hot.

    The brakes are a strange setup. you have to replace the bearings and so on. They are not well mounted, so it will be a constant inspection situation.

    The craft square mirrors are ok unless you jam the chassis under a replica bridge.

    I've re-covered the bonnet scoop in carbon and cut it into the body.
    re-wired the car,

    One of my small servos also died that powers my drivers arm.

    I still have a few things to test, but Wednesday should be fun.


  5. Ouch, the chassis damage sucks!

    Body damage however only adds character. Makes it look more real IMO. The two of my bodies I love the most are the most scratched and beat up ones.


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