Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maximum Typhoon.

Reality mode at MAX ONE. I think all the effort paid off.

Matching is awesome.

Slight movement in the bearing housings from the slight polish and aluminium bath but I can fix that with sellotape.

I LOVE this shot. Sexy Style.  New 4mm RC926 Belts and a new belt stabilizer mount are minors but complete a rebuild.

Overdose parts are not as many as you'd think. C Hubs, Steering arms, Damper Adjustment rings, Antenna Stay, Spur Holder and Servo Horn + front Universals and Axles. and..... Ummm... I can't remember.


This Older CSG chassis I like more as it doesn't flex. The OD chassis and New High Traction chassis flex a lot. I find it upsets my suspension setting as it's not consistent.

I'll be drilling and tapping the brake mounts soon.

New Mikuni Wheels look awesome.

Today I used two bodies, and lent the red baby to a friend for twin drift practice.

It was insane... stay tuned for pics.


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