Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shoe Shine Mister?

Here are the results of some polishing. Pretty happy with the results so far.

I also started to polish some other parts I hadn't thought of before.

The results are stunning. 

So I went ahead and built the shocks with the Overdose rings.

Grey sponge
Clear Cap 
Oil 700
ABC slow rebound pistons
Blue O-ring x 2
White Guide Spring RC 926 15mm Ultra Soft + Super Soft

Grey sponge
Clear Cap 
Oil 200
Yokomo 3 hole pistons
Blue O-ring x 2
White Guide Spring RC 926 15mm Super Soft + Soft

One question? Black or White Ball ends? Hmm.
The polishing and de-anodising continues all day tomorrow.


  1. lookin good russ, might wanna give de anodizing a shot

  2. Damn Russ, looking great!!!

  3. You will need three solid days of polishing

  4. hello mr.russ. i am doing the same thing on my tc5.i would like to ask you if i can do it on the shock caps+preloads+ shock bodies?please answer,thank you very much

  5. shock caps are done.
    they were blue.

    there is a tiny tiny bit of corrosion in the process, so when you build use thread lock.


  6. chock bodies are a different metal.
    But you can polish them.


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