Monday, September 3, 2012

Tsunami 86 - Update #7 decals and lights

OK, well the wraps are off and the stickers are on.

here is the bare shell without lights.

Light buckets I did a little differently this time. I used tint and then put most of the stickers behind the lexean buckets for extra depth. For LED buckets on the rear, I just Shoe-gooed a bit of straw for the rear lights. I use this on the red body effectively for all lights.

The front I wanted more projection. I used eagle plastic plug in mounts which are simple. the result is WAY more light than before. I'm running White in the eye and blue in the fogs. I have the red lights spare so I'll hook them up to the LED section of the fronts when I have time to solder.


Rear. I also have some TN Racing titanium rear exhausts with lights.... but the orange LED are so bright they look a bit dumb. So I'll smoke them over.

AE86 dash is curvy beast. so I built my own. just cut some lexan and build up a base of double sided tape. then lay your sticker over the top

The car also has a full Bride 86 interior decal set on the doors..

What do we think? cool!


  1. The dash trick is awesome.

  2. i'd really like to copy what you did with your lightbuckets i really love them the way they look , don't want to ruin mine , any tipps? any chance for a "guide/tutorial" on those? ;)

  3. maybe... I'll update some wods in this post later

  4. Hey any possibility of you going more in-depth on the dash build? You can email me too. Thanks


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