Friday, September 28, 2012

FC Final Friday Attack

Well, tonight was the final session for the FC. It was certainly a change from the 86.

This body has a large overhang with the front splitter extending further, also the rear is quite long and the wing extends also aft of the body. But I soon got accustomed to the length and had some good battles with a new Sakura S3 and Tamiya TA06.

The red Mikuni's suit this well. but one tiny wheel clash removed some paint. they really are display only wheels. For people intersted, be careful of painted metallic wheels, the metallic will not last long.

I will be painting these again with about 10 layers of clear to protect them before I run them again.

WOW, what a difference to the chassis without the eagle velcro mounts. I really love/HATE them. 

These RC Square mounts don't give you the reality, but they are great, because I didn't stop once in two hours to adjust the body. PINS are COOL! 

Willy back in position.

+9 Offset. Vokoka tyres. hehe.

I had two hours of time to use up quickly, 

The car in the background is driven by a 10 year olf girl ,she is pretty freaking good. Side by side with her father.

I forgot to bend the splitter back into position before this shot. Pity, it would have been perfect.

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  1. Nice to see Willy back in the saddle, and accessorizing well with the wheels.

    As for the body posts, they look good.


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