Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Max Attack - Prep and Play.

Well, I repaired a lot of stuff and did some maintenance, but as always, I forgot a few things.

But I worked on the DRB and 86 during the day.

so the first thing you notice is the vented Bonnet (AUST) / Hood (USA).  But my driver is still in shock that the mirror is missing... Craft Square mirrors aren't cheap you know.

Anyway I used some old hasegawa carbon film I had with a small weave. Some sanding should have been done... haha.

Here are the brakes taken with a real camera. As much as I hate Eagle racing, It's all you can get.

the installation requires different size bearings that allow the shaft to move outward 1mm.

This long grub screw just presses against the hub. Not ideal. I will recess and tap the hole a little in the future. I have plans to make this a fully polished DRB chassis in the future.

I've been having some intermittent issues with the receiver. (turns out the cheap driver servo's blew out.)

I also installed this extractor fan. It makes a big difference. Temps from 60 down to around 30.

 Active antenna stay.

After forgetting to tighten the rear bulkhead and the main drive shaft. there were some tense moments. haha.

The AM team at max one were going hard. Sometimes too hard.

In an attempt to slow the play... and change the line a little to the out line.

I installed my targets around the circuit. In pretty difficult spots to connect. It worked for a while.

this one in my favourite position. It's a bit dangerous. you can see how many hits this corner has taken in about a year. the 86 can hit this target with about 2 cm clear.

 You can see the benefit of the 86 right here. rear wheel on the fence is a real possibility.

I'm getting so close to people, it's a bit intimidating actually.  Even I think I'm too close, but somehow the 86 clears the car in front.

The sun through the window was shining on the brakes. it's cool!

There's still a few details that aren't finished in this picture.

Body lines,
Headlight surrounds,

but these are addressed throughout the day.

Double EYE!  which is the Evil One.

The Yokomo HSV-10 GT500 1/12 scale wing is perfect.


  1. what colour use for this ? thx before

  2. The mailbox on the bonnet looks so much better now :)

  3. Tamiya PS Translucent Blue with Tamiya PS Silver Backing.

    Needs chrome backing... I am not so happy with this one.

  4. Is this a killerbody?
    Also can you specify the make of these over fenders?
    Great job btw!


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