Friday, September 21, 2012

Hi Ho Silver...

Hi Ho Silver. Away...(that means project start)

So I couldn't really wait to strip the whole chassis. I had to test.

And here is the result on my old FCD 1.5 spool. I still have more polishing to do.

Anyway, these were some of the first batch, some are more polished than others. and some could use another bath.

2 shock sets are gonna be cool! 1 set will have Overdose rings seen here and I use RC926 spring which have a silver ring also. These are only partially polished.

In Japan we say. Ganbarimasu... "do your best"  It's going to take a while.

Japan has some very specialised products. Aluminium Bath.

And Smut Rinse is all you need.

And a few glass containers. not PET.

Start... immerse for about 30 seconds and the blue dye will come loose. you can start  to scrub it off with a brush. After about 2 minutes, All the blue should be off. But, as Anodizing is a dye process. It usually builds up in the corners and is different thickness, so that's where you should concentrate your scrubbing.

 Oxidization may occur, so then wash in water, then place in Smut Rinse. This will remove the black smut build up and return it to silver.

These are raw alloy straight from another rinse to remove the "Sumutrin"

Here is a test polish. Raw is on top, polish is underneath. 

I haven't polished this, waiting for my electric tools to charge, but it was worth a test fit.

It's going to be soo cool to have a Silver polished DRB. First with a black chassis. But I'll think about that later.


  1. I see Pikal and cotton buds in your future... or a brushed finish...

    Will you be varnishing your alloy parts to prevent them from going dull?

  2. yes
    then some alloy wheel luster protection

  3. does the polish make things thinner and affect the accurancy?


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