Monday, September 3, 2012

Tsunami 86 - Update #8 Check Point

 Well, 90% complete... Reinforcing and a few minors like the mirrors.

I added so much I need to take these shots to step back and look at what else I need.

 Stance is perfect. no rubbing on this one either.

The overall effect is great.

Rear still needs the toyota badges and a few small stickers. TN Pipes are cool!

No grill sticker yet. I was going to do FMIC, but I decided the Subaru mailbox will go on. maybe next week.

The mirrors i have are craft square items. The URAS style fenders are cool.

I'm not sure which looks better, the red or blue, but they are cool.

Here's the colour in the sun. Its transparent blue with a silver backing. It's not quite as shiny as the altlas chrome, but the adhesion is much better. 

Grill sticker is attached in this pic. but no toyota badge yet. Thats the completion detail right?

The wing mounts really fatten the rear.

 The rear view is great.

Hopefully the banana style will give me the extra clearance i need when running the wall at 45 degrees

Here is the top view. 

And a wheel in action. "Rays RE-86"

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