Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Super MAX 599

Yossy's 599 JDM drift style. Looks pretty good!

It sits atop a DIB with sideways battery.

Supercar drift has a certain "not right" feel to it, but it's all good fun.

See what I mean. Race or Drift? 

Tsunami style is all about "C1" Race Style. It's a pity that scene is dead. But I guess progress and modernisation will do that.

The cars are looking amazing with the Mikuni's.

"FO" wing SPL.


  1. please ignore the penisses... Someone has nothing better to do

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  3. do you think 599xx will fit to tamiya ta05 vdf chassis? i have doubt that spur gear will hit the bodyshell

  4. This 599 is on a DIB chassis. The size of the spur is the issue.
    I remember my friend had to make a few mm hole from the body. It's not noticible from these pictures though.

    It's just where the windscreen wipers are situated.

    You could use this side picture as a guide.

    copy then enlarge the picture in photoshop and check.


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