Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Max Attack - Tsunami 86 Shoot

So after adding some panel lines and swiping off the mirrors, I'm still left with a cool machine.

The wheels here are an old Option No1. style finished with a tinted chrome. It's quite durable too.

the colour is a little uneven, but that's ok because the edges have a chrome to them.

This is the closest shot to how they actually look in real life. They are about +10ish.

Anyway, I was taking some shots.... like this after I had finished adding the panel lines and headlight details.

I went to change lens and there was a big monster in the way. Teru... MOVE!

The long lens is nice effect.

At 400mm I'm about 30 meters away in scale terms.

I reconnected the rear mufflers for some Hachi Rocket action also.

A fun day at MAX ONE!


  1. Great photos, however, the offset is a downer(

  2. So I didn't add the 2mm spacers...

    I was getting a feel for these wheels. They are +12 on the label but they are really more like +10.

    Don't worry... there will be more photos next week. haha.
    Probably with another set of wheels... wahaha!


    these are the main wheels for the body.

  4. Very nice !!

    Can you tell me the size of the muffler please ?

    Thanks ;)

  5. Cool car, cool track and very cool site!

  6. I really want to visit Max-One one of these days, but I can't help but feel slightly intimidated by the skill level of the drivers there after reading your coverage.

    I'm a real beginner at drifting and am worried that the rest of the drivers there will be way out of my league, and that I'll just get in everyone's way.

    Any advice?

  7. MAx one has a rental car, and beginners are welcome.

    you can come and do donuts around a pylon anytime. I do it often.

    There are periods of madness where beginners of course feel overwhelmed, but they run out soon and you have space to try any line you want.

    I spent a lot of time today actually totally by myself running the top line for practice.

    Lap after lap trying my own thing

    Max one has a couple of areas you can do small circles or larger circles to improve your skill.

    We helped one guy recently. he came three times and now he is almost up to tandem style.

    At your place, just do the basics. small Circles, increasing in size. Figure 8 is a good test and a 5 meter 3 cone slalom is perfect practice for max one.

    Come an enjoy

  8. Will do. I just have to paint up a shell.


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