Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DRB - B - B - B -B

Today was a mini-meeting of sorts. An Overdose on Overdose DRBs!

My own Yokomo DRB has only the necessary Overdose mods. Front 8-8 hubs and the steering ackerman bars. Oh, and some drive shafts...

 Do you like my Yokoham tyres?? hahaha.

If you want more bling you can go further. Overdose chassis of course, then the motor mount, and spur cover.

Hubs and shafts, shock conversions and front bumper weight.

There isn't anything left to change on this from the OD catalog.

A few extras like the active motor heat sink and fan. A purchase I'll be making soon.

This is over $10000 of radio control insanity. A DRB is 53000yen in Japan. with over 60000yen of upgrades to the OD spec, then add ESC, Motor, Servo and Propo.

This looks like a heap of junk.

but up close they look amazing.

Red Overdose with OD TRF Dampers & active fan

Blue Full Overdose with white ball connectors RC-Art Shocks.

Blue Overdose with T&E motor mount

RE-Xtreme RE-DRB CSG OD 1.5 (I run short battery and stock Graphite chassis with a kazama spacer)

Silver Overdose (MAX ONE)  de-anodized DRB heaven. Just needs a polish for perfection.

The clan.

Somehow I still like my black stock chassis. It's very stiff which allows the suspension to do it's thing.

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  1. looks like you have a lot of toe-out in front.
    What's the ackerman at full lock?


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