Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Maximum Drive - Part 2

RE-Xtreme 86-RZ Tsunami Spec

While running the FD was refreshing, the 86 really is a lot better. I can get so much closer and make fewer mistakes with it. Does that mean bad drivers look better?

I don't think thats necessarily true. but you do have an increased margin for error. For good drivers It means you can attack so much harder. cm become mm with this. But hitting those perfect spots it's still tough because you have to change your mindset to go deeper. So the margin disappears again.

Anyway. It's starting to get some cool battle scars. I really am running the expressway flat out now. It's about 1 meter slower than running the bottom course. but you have to get it right.

I'm now linking it every time. So I can make some kind of measurement.

If anyone want's to buy the red 86. It's for sale in battle scarred state for 12000 Yen Plus post.


  1. I just finished reading the blog from post one until now! Such an awesome blog, love it. Seeing the progression of your work, chassis, and knowledge was awesome. If you ever think about adding another element to the blog, I'd love to see some more video footage of the battles that take place at Max One! Keep up the awesome blog!

  2. How long did it take? lol

    Video and driving require a dedicated cameraman. I have too much fun for that.


    I'm still waiting on a video from 6 months ago... hehe. Teru-san come on!

  3. It took a few days of free time reading lol. I started by just reading a few pages and learned quite a bit, so I decided to just read it all haha. Very good blog, I hope you continue it once you move as well.

    I can only imagine how fun it is to run at Max One, around here we don't have a single dedicated drift track =( I'd love to run on carpet.


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