Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tsunami 86 - Update #6 Print and Wheel

I decided to print the graphics set for the 86 in preparation for the final black detail color to go on the body. it included a few details.

I'm pretty happy with my print colour match too for the background. I've created my own RAYS RE-86 wheel with the Nismo style "N"-Model from Topline.

The result is nothing but amazing! Mounted with RC926 DT-05 tyres.

Sitting on the Samurai 86 they look good great.

Test print was good.

So I have cut and trimmed the sticker set ready for application as quickly as possible. My second set of wheels look great too. these are not as wide though at +9. 

SA-55M are insane on the car too. I still have the kazama Blue and a set of option no1 blue chrome wheels also.


  1. Dude this build is progressing quick!

  2. It's almost finished....

    You should see it now...

    Colour is on. protective sheet is off. stickers are on.

    needs wing, re-inforce, lights... and GO!
    Wednesday is target.


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