Thursday, September 27, 2012

The 86 Sessions

Some of you wanted to see more of my driving... Watch the Blue 86 and the highway mode stuff for my style.

Russ (Red Samurai 86 and Blue Tsunami 86) Yokomo & Overdose DRB Typhoon spec CS 1.5 with black Mikuni wheels
Teru (Red Samurai 86) "Pandora Works"  RC Art White Wolf with front ball diff and steel wheels.
Takeuchi (Red 180SX) Yokomo & Overdose DPM CS 1.5 with Silver Overdose wheels
Yossy (Red 599XX) Yokomo DIB CS 1.8 with White TE37 and Chrome Overdose Genosis wheels

I don't particularly like the music, just something obnoxious...

1 comment:

  1. Awesome, great video! Hope to see some more, or maybe one last tribute video to MAX ONE before it closes. You'll probably be driving as much as possible now though >< so thanks for taking the time out of driving to make the video!



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