Saturday, August 16, 2014

180SX Dos Equis Project

Done a little more to the 2x 180SXs today.

Up front gets some re-enforcing, fitment of oil coolers, some work on the light buckets for indicators and headlights. 

 Yokomo Kogucki 180sx rear light buckets are fitted and yes, of course they had to be modified to fit just right. The central triple indicators were also filled with Pandora sticker sections and then the remaining tinted with sharpie over chrome.

times 2 of course.

Target chassis is the 5.0 Overdose tune DRB for both bodies.

I've been trying my selection of top line +12 Drift Fighter MARS N Model rims with varying success.
But the Kazama Gram Lights 57 Extreme are still targeted for install.

But with any RC car. Countless wheels will probably be tried.

By next week, the PIPES! will be here and the livery will come together. Until then, I've got some GOO action to undertake. Attaching the bumpers, completing the pop up lights and installing the LEDs.

The pain is in the building, but the fun is in the photography and driving. 

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