Wednesday, August 6, 2014

No-gyro Rear Wheel Drive.

My DP-R has been slowly developing. With the inclusion of Imadoki (old and new) components and new electrics, it's time to get tuning again.

Even though the gyro is on the chassis itself, it's disconnected at the moment as I try to get close to as close as possible to a decent setting. Maybe it will turn on, maybe it wont. 

A while ago I was playing with my plastic drift package (aka DP-R) but it wasn't quite getting the desired results.  I was using the gyro but the feeling is not satisfying.

Immediately the DPi-R is getting a better feeling even without running any weight. The slightly more central layout, adjustable ackerman and better front geometry is proving to have good balance. I was able to get to a point where I could lap the setup track without spinning immediately. 

I'm far from perfect setting, but I'm getting an idea of what direction I can take and where to modify.

The rear is still running the active hobby link suspension, but the motor is a much less powerful 21.5T and gearing is very different.

Looking forward to getting it running smooth, I've got tons of tyres and configurations to try.

My gyro-less battle partner is running this DP-M Overdosed machine. He has gone in the weighted direction with abundant weight front and back.

All alloy DPM modifications including rear gear case and centre gear cover. He is very close to a consistent setting.

One thing we haven't really tried with our machines is try to be as fast as CS cars.  We are a bit slower (a bit more authentic) Who knows where these machines will lead.

Fun fun fun.

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  1. I know this is an older post but I am curious as to what has evolved from your gyroless RWD experiment. I am from Canada and get my fix from HCS korogashi style drifting. RWD just didn't give me what I crave as I hated feeling the gyro force fight my input. I know I hear the RWD guys it doesn't drive for you just makes it smoother or takes out human delay....but that's just it, I want all my input to make me or break me. If I want to dangle further, deeper into the corner I don't want to be fighting the gyro trying to correct. But gyroless has me inrigued.


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