Thursday, August 7, 2014

180SX2X ready for paint.

I have amassed most of the parts needed for this twin drift project. There are more on the way but the majority shown here will get me well into the build phase.

So what do we have two of?

Pandora RC 180SX Origin Version
Yokomo light buckets
Yokomo Intercooler
Yokomo Mirrors and wipers with a choice of 2 wing versions.
Flashing light unit and mounting clips
Servo for popups.
Kazama gram lights 57 Extreme
PIPES! for you ass.
and lastly some stickers.

All X 2

Shoo goo
Tamiya colour Red Black White and miscellaneous colours
Tape, blades and sharpies.

Ready for action.


  1. hey im starting work on a d-like s15. Im going for a D1 street legal look. kinda like this ( ) I wanted to ask you what you use to attach fenders and bumpers? on my pandora r32 i used super glue and it ended in a mess hahah it would be great if you could do a tutorial on ur drift bible section.

    1. Shoe goo from your local shoe repair shop or sports shoe shop.

      you can see it in the above pictures.

      I'll do a tutorial. but it's the same as my fender tutorial here.


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