Sunday, August 17, 2014

GCRC Battle Zone!

Today, the scene was set was an awesome contrast of similarity. RWD, High CS, Low CS in all layouts all Side By Side.

 What you see here is an FR-D RWD and my 5.0cs DRB. Idling down after intense battle. 

But today was a constant barrage of battles that never seemed to end. Every time I added a new battery pack, there was someone on my door.

Taking time out for static photos was a rare occasion.

 This Purple DRoop 86 was a camera friendly colour.

I had many photos of this machine. Sometimes there's one color that catches your eye. 

Capable and dynamic. 

I don't know how this driver can see however.

In the groove.

Another photo friendly colour. FXX-D underneath.

GCRC is preparing for a competition so recently a lot of guys are pushing the lines and targetting bumpers and doors.

This twin FXX battle was close to call.

The 86 pulling ahead but a little shallow in line.

So guess what... "One more time"

I like seeing my creations on track in the hands of others. 

whether cruising around ... 

or going for the lines...

Or in another FXX Twin battle, they all look good.

These guys were getting into some awesome positions.

check out that front wheel angle just before switch back.

 I couldn't pick a winner here either.

So lets go again with another FXX twin battle. Ol' Bull was pretty quick.

Then followed some awesome runs with the FXX vs FXX vs FXX tripple battle.

It was more like a show than a battle.

The boys were running this kind of proximity, lap after lap. I don't recall many crashes. 

Eventually though the Rotary RWD battle was leading.

Add high CS to the mix. Street Jam R3R brothers join the fray.

RWD or Cs... no problem.

thumping hard. 

a train soon forms. 

And the bunch moves as one.

or two twos.  All whell angle here is identical. CS 3.5 or RWD is nearly indistinguishable.

I like watching the dynamics of the cars. Especially off throttle, CS and RWD are exactly the same. 

Through slow corners... no difference either.

Here the cars were determining their switch backs, so the lines are a tiny bit different.

CS lead, followed by three FXX at wide spacing, you know these gaps will close up at GCRC.

You can't run alone for long.

JXR + Laurel with good angle.You can see the corner apex, but we go much much deeper. 

Drag race from the slow corner.

but sometimes you just can't get away. 

No you can't.

After driving my intense CS 5.0 for a few hours. I'd had enough.

I sat on track taking pictures for about an hour. As you can see. The quality was superb.

If you are deep into RC

Or just starting out. 

There's always a battle to be had.



Mazda  or whatever you have

Lets ROCK! at GCRC Raceway!

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