Sunday, August 24, 2014

RE-DP-DM Almost RTS "Ready to Slide"

The Drift Master is almost ready, check a few more details.

The rear has been complete for some time.

2.0FCD at the rear. Team Suzuki Arms. Kazama topped shocks and SS universals are gonna make this zing zing.

Last week, my slide rack arrived for the front. Because of the narrow mounting point for steering on the DP-DP, I devised a little plan. I lowered the steering as much as I could and drilled some new holes for the mounting position.

This Drift Package Drift Master is going to stay as 3.4CS. the front spice gear set providing the max setting for shaft drive. I don't need any more steering than this. I'm already maxed out on the CVDs and there is still more flexibility in the rack.

 So I just need the servo saver installed for steering operation.

And then receiver and Keyence Tachyon ESC /  taped in for some testing to start with the New Luxon KG 10.5. gogo!

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