Sunday, August 17, 2014

FR-D = Front Motor, Rear Drive - Drift.

The FR-D has revolutionized RC drift.  There's a couple of good reasons why it was successful.  Lets take a closer look.

The first reason it worked is .... that in Japan, the drift package on which this machine was based is a cheap used item and there are thousands of parts already in the market. The drift package has been indestructible, infinitely tunable and the mainstay of RC drift for 10 years.

The second reason is that the timing was right. The RC drift world was pushing to replicate real drift and the numerous used drift packages out there meant a new conversion chassis could enter the market easily.

Wrap Up Next was looking to create something realistic as their bodies and other body accessories were looking real but the cars themselves in Japan's low CS world is still not so realistic looking.

The 3rd reason is Kondo-San. He was employed to lead the development (which took a long time).  I experienced first hand his command over the drift package. Using numerous setup tricks to get his plastic tub chassis to perform at the absolute top level of RC Drift in Japan. Weight tuning was indeed one of them.

The FR-D was made not to be the be-all and end all of rear wheel drive tuning. It was created to be an FR machine like real drift cars are. Engine in front, Wheels pushing in back. FR! Whether that is good or bad layout is irrelevant.

Wrap up next started with a chassis and used drift package components. but are now close to the point where they can produce a whole rolling chassis. Front Y arms, Rear Variable Roll arms, Extended Steering, Rear gear case, etc etc have all been added to their range.

What has also happened is setup knowledge. The push for RWD handling in this layout has created a host of parts that have not only pushed RWD RC tuning but also updated the world to big steering angle and narrow scrub hubs etc etc that can be used back on the older drift package chassis.

Almost all the companies that made parts for the Drift package before, have updated their range for FR also.

Overdose has released a mass of parts with their gearbox cases almost synonymous with the FR-D. RC926 also are making infinitely adjustable parts. TN Racing were also pioneers here.

Around the same time, MST was also in the market and beat the FR-D to retail stores as a complete car. Their front arms and narrow scrub hubs are favourites among FR-D owners.

Japanese companies like Mikuni, M's Products and others have followed suit with adjustable KPI, Adjustable Camber, Castor, Track, etc etc

 The RC world shoud thank Wrap Up Next for expanding our minds. On the out side the RC world has continued to become more real and the exterior and chassis are now matching reality.

I haven't mentioned these three FR-D but they are basically the same. Heavy! 

If you look at these front ends, you will see many similarities and many small differences.

Such is the variety of parts available for the FR-D and Drift Package now.

 You will hardly find one "exactly" the same.

But with this level of high class modification, you will find they all cost about the same. 


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  1. this chassis is like my dream. there sooo clean but also super expensive. The major issue in my eyes though is the availability to guys out here it the US. I could by an actual car for the price it would cost me to source all the parts for one of these machines from japan. Even when i lived in japan i couldnt get my hands on one,but one day i willllllll havvve oneeee!!!! hahah anyway awesome post.keep it up


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