Sunday, August 31, 2014

RE-DPi-R Typhoon Spec R

The Drift Package Imadoki is very nice conversion. The narrow chassis would actually work well as a touring car chassis.

I finally de-anodised the remaining components to complete the  Typhoon Spec.

Thus leaving the shine on the whole chassis. Matching a new Acuvance Tachyon Airia and 21.5T motor.

The newer Sanwa receiver I installed was not compatible with the gyro I recently installed... so that means more gyroless tuning until I swap some components around.

Today I found a pretty good balance. As long as I don't push too hard. gyroless lapping on a small track is no problem.

So... I've re-started the long process of rear wheel drive setup testing mm by mm and countless configurations for balance. Narrow, full width, soft, hard who knows what I will settle on.

But the chassis looks awesome and will make a great base as tuning completes. The previous owner of these chassis plates decorated them nicely so I'll keep it that way.

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  1. tires are my biggest hang up on rwd . mainly im looking for more speed ,but idk what that speed should because i have nobody to compare with.for all i know i could be fast hahaha right now im using either mst 2wd hard or 2wd medium. They actually give similar speeds but the mediums give more control so we'll see


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