Thursday, August 14, 2014

180SX2X Project - Shall the details begin.

The twin drift project is coming along nicely.

Got wing! Yes indeed. Yokomo Kunnyz Mark X long wheel base set provides the massive 3d wing and mirror set.

Ive started adding some details to these otherwise basic bodies. Of course everyone will notice the popups.The swivel nicely and my custom linkage is in the build. The light covers are still be installed once absolute final position is determined. pivot points are great. Pandora RC has done good.

I had to modify the front intercooler to get the pipes in the right spots to leave clearance for oil coolers and I've modified the opening between the lights to accommodate a power steer cooler.  The front will be full.

Bumpers are unattached as I finish the coolers and lights, but you get the idea. I've used the indicator and headlight stickers. They are transparent so the lights should shine nicely. +12 nismo LM4 rims look awesome!!

CS4+. Yes, these will be used on CS 4.9 and CS5.0 spec DRBs

lots of vinyl cut stickers are on their way as well as some PIPES! Yokomo Mark X Mirrors suit the car perfectly. bonnet vent slats are fitted. The tripple fin vents took about an hour to fit to both cars. fiddley diddley

Although these bodies are HUGE compared to my addiction 86 or Pandora Rx7, when they run together, they will look supreme!

Rear Bumper number plate is fitted but slowly completing the front. then I'll move to the back.


  1. Awesome work as usual bro...what do you use for the tints on your windows?

    1. just tamiya paint. but it's not perfect by a long way.


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