Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mad Mike Savanna RX-3 GT "???" Bull

This is a big feature, so sit back and scroll.

The owner of this shell has put in a large number of hours on this machine. As as Mad Mike fan myself, I was honored to photograph it on debut. 

Everyone knows I am a huge rotary fan so I've followed the bulls of all forms since the first "Fursty".

Mad Mike has had these Gen 5 decal sets available on his website for some time. This is one of 6 sets purchased so there's more to come.

By now you should have noticed the car looks real because of the details. Oil cooler is probably the first thing you notice but then...

... the HUGE TURBO in the second light position is a nice touch.. 

inside links up with the WE HAVE BOOST sticker in the centre of the custom alloy dash.

Chassis is an MST FXX with all the trimmings. Front skinny tires are for setup.

One thing I always liked about Mad Mike's cars are the Japanese influences. Small Gundam logos are things I probably notice more than others.

A local guy here in QLD Australia makes these CNC cut number plates and they complement the huge tips.

An RX3 not unlike this blue machine used to belong to "The Giz" so it kind of was necessary that I shoot the NZ twins at GCRC.

It would be nice to see Mad Mike and Van Gisbergen hammering in the real thing.

While this is a staged shot, today Mr Tucker was running the wall consistently.

Course in for RWD action.

Immediately the boys were hitting the edges.

And closing in. The key here is similar setup.

Action shots always show the best angles. 

And a bit of GCRC course scenery adds to the reality

I guess the only thing missing is Mad Mike himself.  

Get some posican on the front. Awesome!

Couldn't leave without one shot of a rotor battle. RWD FXX-D Brothers at it hard!!

Stick it to the wall bro!

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