Sunday, August 31, 2014

GCRC - Chassis and Driver.

What great afternoon. As you can see. A little upgrade to the FD. 

These DEEEEEEEEP Dish MST Rims somehow found their way onto my DRB. 

My RX7 gets absolutlely hammered 100% of the time. If you aren't scrubbing up against other cars, pushing the edges and scraping bumpers, smashing and being smashed into, you aren't trying hard enough.

This afternoon, I was sandwiched between a couple of older skylines,

and some other modern machinery in 4 way fun.

BG falcon ute is 100% Aussie Style.

 Carve it up.

Jump in, battle it up and have fun.

Even though some of us may spend a lot of time on a shell that ends up costing about $300 or more.
This gold skyline has a sound card worth another 200 but it doesn't matter.

They are built to be driven and driven hard.

Today I really enjoyed my drifting. Thanks boys.

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