Saturday, August 2, 2014


If there is one chassis that is synonymous with drifting, it's the S-Chassis and it's Silvia/180sx mixtures.

2 more hit the track today. Gotta get them while they are fresh.

While the boys haven't quite finished the small details, I had to capture the colours.

The D-like S14 is interesting shape. the short rear bumper adds an interesting line.

This Onevia has that jet fighter feel. RPS13 180sx front and S13 Silvia rear. While many run the onevia with pride. to me (not having lived in the USA) it had always been the result of a previous crash. But today I was corrected.

Although the Sil80 was actually made by Nissan for the Japanese market in a limited run of 500 only, I'd thought the onevia had always been the mashup of S-Chassis remains. Not knowing the 240SX Fastback (180sx) was offered in the "240sx Coupe" version which was the so-called Japanese "One-via".

Thanks for the knowledge. While I like the Silvia in some forms, I'm not a super die-hard Silvia runner, So my knowledge of them is obviously a bit off. I'm actually only building my first 180SX RC body now.

But that's not all bad. They still look cool.

I can't help thinking Nissan borrowed some lines from a testa rossa or F40 though on this one.  Small details like tetsujin plates and wrap up decals look cool.

Both these bodies run over MST chassis.,

 So how do they perform?

In action... lovely. so Is it a One-via or 240sx Coupe? That I shall ask next time. by changing the front bumper and light covers, does anyone really know?

Without the rear taillight outlines, the lights on the rear of the S14 are massive. Almost VIP like.

But the front gets those squinted eyes.

Testing on the small track.

We were testing the difference of a new body without re-enforcing tape, shoo goo and the extra weight of lights, cage and other accessories. The difference is huge.

 Two tone always plays tricks on your eyes.

Changing the shapes.

I headed over to play a little. I threw on the 17" TE37 for some period correct JDM Magic.

So pull out that Silvia, Onevia, One-Eighty or Sil-Eighty and head down to GCRC.

Fun times ahead.


  1. Russ,
    You've made a mistake. Onevias were actually produced by Nissan, for US market only (as 240SX coupe, normal 180SX was sold as 240SX notchback), with KA24DE engine. Also all S13 convertibles had pop-eye front and Silvia rear.

    1. Easy to see I'm not up on my Silvia specs. Thanks for the corrections.


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