Wednesday, August 20, 2014


How awesome is this shot!

 I lent the camera to one of the younger guys at GCRC, His first time DSLR experience was pretty good.

I loaded up a lot of shots, because he has a good eye. The action was great too. Thanks for the good work!

We started the night in the normal direction. the front straight manji can be an awesome adventure.

when you get it right, the look is awesome.

from this angle, you get the angles right.

Even though this shot is blurry. Max speed at the end of the straight is not easy to catch.

Fall out of line. not really, you can already see the right action on the car as we fall back in line..

I love it when you can capture cars with this attitude. wheel is in the perfect position.

But the close battles continued all around the track.


Time to cool down.

Time to change direction.

The reverse direction at GCRC always excites. 

For me it brings back some great memories and some new challenges.

A few laps gets you used to the layout.

Because of the evolution of the GCRC circuit the long sweeper always feels similar. Starting at the hairpin.

You build speed around the long sweeper.

with lots of space to position your cars

as close to the walls as you like.

And its also easy to position to each other as close as you like.

Close? Yes !

But suddenly it all gets interesting.

Because you need to go from FULL SPEED SIDEWAYS through a double switchback within a couple of meters down to a very tight hairpin. 

Scandinavian flick style while washing off all speed

But after a few times, you kind of get the hang of it.

because it's at the end of the lap and the speed is super slow, it doesn't really matter if you spin. or 360 entry. You just wait for your partner and go again. 

But you can get it right, and when you do, you feel rewarded. 

You start off on your new lap.

 Which leads through the AWESOME centre section. If you get this right, it looks like this. Wing over the fence @ 90 degrees turning into the tightening narrow corner.

It's definitely the challenging direction. More suited to advanced RC pilots. I haven't done many laps in this direction so It always has that difficult to master feeling. A great challenge.

It was a great night at GCRC. lots of cars on track as we prepare for our first fun / competition at the circuit.

Always fun!

Single or with friends... Push it out to the edges and try new lines and positions. It's all Fun!


ps. Big thanks to "JR" for the pics. You have done well!

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