Friday, August 15, 2014

Battle Time @ GCRC Part 2

Get Ready, the competition is coming.

 This machine belongs to GCRC's resident drift consultant. It's probably done more laps around the track than any other machine.

If anyone knows a nice tidy line thats ripe for battle attack, it's this man.

Setting a line is very important for battles. His main attack partner loves to tuck in behind.

 Together these two very similarly setup machines can create some great action that's a pleasure to watch.

... and easy to photograph.

on any part of the track.

It takes just as much skill to lead and run a perfect line as it does to follow. While the skill set is slightly different, running both regularly can complete your skills to become a battle master.

These Kazama / Street Jam / Tail Slider inspired machines with full custom Yokomo bodies are definitely up for it and the similarity builds teamwork.

CS ratio is around 3.4~3.9 depending on the day so there's always lot's of angle and contrary to what most think, still lot's of speed.

Pushing out to the walls and extremities of the track can make it more exciting but you loose the margin for error.

This is about as close as you ever want to get. 100 points!

Sometimes, you might find this green machine out in front.... sometimes.

As we build to some competition action, think about running that line and never needing to overtake. Think about following without collision but retaining proximity. Think about pushing the extremities but keeping it just off the wall.

lap after lap, go for it!

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