Sunday, August 31, 2014

P!PES for your ass!

Recently I hooked up with P!PES for ya ass!  

What you see here are a new range of RC exhaust pipes that will finish off any body with added flair.

The new range are ceramic coated in matt black. The effect is awesome. These also add a bit of weight to the rear of any body. Keeping the ass hanging out as it should. Mounting is pretty easy with the metal support able to be bent or drilled in any position.

This straight pipe with angled tip adds a sharp image. 45 degree cut is very cool and the pipes logo tops it all off.

Rotary lovers like myself need a curved down pipe. A feature often used to dampen the BRAP BRAP of a rotary.

So get a pipe up your ass from 

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  1. i need that curved pipe for an rx7 im goinging to be doing...that god i found this post hahah


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