Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Battles @ GCRC Part 1

 I didn't take a car tonight to drive myself, But I hung around for ages with the entertaining sessions.

GCRC is preparing for some competition action. so everyone was out practicing.

the side of this body says YO KO MO but ...

The body is Yokomo, but the chassis is Street Jammin!

Looking awesome.

super slide time.

Dr Brown...?

I placed some lines on the track for some judging references.  

 The boys were getting in the zone. A little bit of competition makes a LOT of pressure.

RWD Low Lux sliding like a champ.

Street Jam Hilux has some nice detail, but the rear tray bed is not one of them. Who heard of a 2mm deep rear tray?

Anyway, it still cuts a nice image.

until next time load up the truck!

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