Wednesday, August 13, 2014

GCRC - Mid Week Matsuri.

GCRC was on fire tonight. Some awesome high speed stuff sliding deep for a nice 90 degree turn in.

Closing up for an attack on to the straight all happens a few corners earlier.

Setting up for a super close switch onto the "straight" means getting into the right spaces.

Getting your spacing just right is absolutely priority no1.Just about to switch back here with maximum angle about to turn the cars. I estimate clearance was only a few mm.

After some of the most horrid driving I've ever done, I finally got my settings together and it all just melted into some awesome RC drifting.

Everyone trying new things.


Sliding Sliding Sliding.

DIB  no!  This R3R 275 working very well. Marking the front wheels is great way to learn to match the wheel speed to the ground speed.

Chucking it in! Everyone was pushing hard.

Sometimes you've got to push to get into the right positions.... or help your partners get into the right positions.

If you're in the right spots on the course extremities, you can really get the style happening.

If you're not on the tape in this part of the track. You don't make it.

 sometimes you can get just that little bit out of position and it doesn't quite happen. (I do not believe we crashed here, I just backed out and all was good up to the next corner.)

 Then we were back in gear. This position was good enough for some door hugging through the next corner.

A little margin for error is good. But I was at times pushing the wing over the fences.

A whole lot of fun while my cameraman was working hard.

I really appreciate the images. Driving the Asamoto FD means only one thing to emulate my favourite D1 driver. Maximum attack!

I hope everyone had another great evening. 

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