Saturday, August 16, 2014

RE-Xtreme @ GCRC. The DRB CS 5.0 and CS 4.6 TESTING.

Someone said today... Why do you make things hard for yourself? I guess challenge comes from within.

I have been running this "TEST" DRB Type II with Overdose Kazama RC926 and Keyence chassis for some time. Running other similar chassis are proving beneficial to swap good settings for bad.  

I had a very easy to drive setting at CS 4.44 - 40-9-20-20 and someone said why don't you try this 44T pulley in the front? 4.89 CS was a little more difficult, But with a lot more power to the rear and a little more steering, it was not only getting constant massive angle under power, but was fun to drive with big power.  

Then someone said.. I have a 45T for the front that will make it 5.0 CS. Well OK... I'll might as well.
As you can see, clearance is tight. I've trimmed the shock towers, carved out a lot from the lower steering ackerman bar. The 20T for the rear is accompanied by large idler bearings. but space is at a premium. 

 Today I spent about 5.0 hours testing different settings. An ultra soft rear end, a bit more toe in on the rear and a bit less toe out on the front, a bit less front camber, adjustments in rebound, Weight balance (60grams  seen on the rear) and tyres of various selections.
10.5T moved to 7.5T and spur and pinions were swapped and changed.

The 18 pinion / 92 Spur not only gets the motor in the right spot, but results in better than 5:1 response which allows full range of control from 0 to 39000 RPM

For me, linear control over my RC trigger finger is the way I drive. I do not adjust the throttle curve on my controller at all.

This 5.0x CS chassis could be geared differently, but I love the big power high wheelspin characteristics. It's very aggressive. Not unlike the modern D1 900hp monsters destroying rear tyres in the process.

While not 100 rear drive. the power distribution results in a very very realistic image without the control feel separation that occurs when gyros are used.

The body may be the same, but the chassis is different. The end result was sooo much fun.

I won't say it's easy to drive... but again... that's the challenge. My Silver 2.2 DRb is as easy to drive as they come. My 3.0 has been tuned to be totally RWD like off throttle and it's low power is very RWD looking on throttle too, but now the 5.0 is coming into it's own. I'm getting a feel for how to drive it. Skimming the walls with the wing hanging over is so much fun.!

So with this kind of CS... who can I battle. Well anyone really. The outright acceleration performance is only slightly slower than others on similar tyres, but top end is good and angle is where I gain.

A while back I met a couple of guys with similar DRB chassis. Running @ around CS 2.6x we started exploring more extreme settings.

I built this body as a battle partner body in those days and since then this DRB has risen to 4.6CS also.

Today we dialed it in with changes to castor, camber, droop, ride height, shock positions, offset and tyres, We discovered and solved a couple of outstanding issues with binding 3mm hubs and the result was one easy to drive high CS machine. 

With our settings getting closer. We will soon be able to enjoy our new RPS13 180SX2X "Dos Equis" twins and run side by side. Maybe it's our own style with hardly anyone in the small RC world running CS 4.5 and over.  But we will have fun.

I have many chassis now to suit many different competitors and situations, but the 5.0 is making me smile a lot. And I like that.


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