Monday, August 4, 2014


RE-DRB OD HT in RAW form. This is a RE-DRB Tsunami base spec machine ready for a new owner.

What you see here replicates my first DRB which is still very similar to this day (although de-anodised).

Although this is a used chassis, I'll include some replacement prices.

Yokomo DRB with the Silver Surface Graphite (SSG) high traction chassis and the alloy hyper drive bridge upgrade. 59000 yen

This premium drift chassis even in stock form includes
front-mid engine layout
Full blue alloy bulkheads
Alloy steering components
Alloy motor mount and spur holder
Alloy shock absorbers
Alloy Servo mounts
Alloy center pulleys
Front one-way
full bearings
Ttitanium turnbuckles.

Yokomo Upgrades on this chassis include :

Yokomo alloy front bumper weight  1800 Yen
Yokomo rear belt stabiliser pulley 2500 Yen
Yokomo 1.5FCD rear drive gear and belt set  3800 yen
Yokomo 1.8FCD rear drive gear and belt set (not fitted) 3800 yen 
Yokomo Titanium screw set 7000 yen

Team Suzuki alloy front suspension arms. 4000 yen
Team Suzuki alloy rear suspension arms. 4000 yen
Yokomo rear toe block 3.0
After market options include

Overdose front 45.5mm CVD and extended axles. 3900 yen
Overdose front KPI Ball bearing 8-8 C-Hubs and knuckles 8000 yen
Kazama adjustable rear hub 3000 yen
RC926 30mm springs 1500 yen
64P spur and pinion
replacement foam Bumper.

The only real marks on this machine are on the chassis where the battery has been pushed in and out. taking the gloss of the chassis.

underneath is perfect.

3.5mm belts are used. The layout of the DRb makes it one of the few belt drive chassis capable of running low body shells. Max 48P spur is about 92t in the HT chassis so with a 18pinion /92spur setup you get over 5.0:1 response from the trigger finger. I'm not sure of the 64pitch equivilant so I'm releasing this chassis with a 64p combo. 

As usual there's a little play in the OD front, but there only needs a bit of shimming here and there to seat the bearings in place.

What you see here would take $1100 dollars or so to complete from new. High spec drift chassis are not cheap. But as usual, you get what you pay for.

While I'd love to keep this one also, It's moving on so a new owner will try the DRb experience.

For SALE $600AUD.

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  1. Hi there.. this is a beautiful looking chassis.. is it still available please ?. Big fan of your work ������.. cheers J


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