Thursday, August 21, 2014

180sx2x Project - Towing Lights

The 180SX twins are gaining momentum. there's only really the dash and lights to complete and then ... 

Stickers and PIPES!  Today I mounted the tow hooks.Rear is just above the number plate

front is on the strut tower. I still need to attach the headlight covers. but positioning is important... so

While I was underneath, I installed the PS cooler, and mounted the headlight linkage.  I also started to re-enforce the inside. So now the final positions for the lights are there. I can add the covers.

Overall it's LOOONG! but that means presence. This angle is a little deceiving because the width is minimized.

It's quite wide. +9, +10 or +11 will fit without issue. +12 with a smaller hub no issue.

getting there.

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