Monday, August 18, 2014

180SX2X Update... Goo-tiful.

Goo Time!

Shoe goo is a nice imported toxic American chemical composition that is targetted by glue sniffers and therefore protected and can only be bought under the counter in Australia.

But when you are working with it... it makes you feeeeeeelllllll  GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!

Jokes aside, RC hobbyists have been using it for years to re-enforce bodies.

More recently, ABC hobby started making Lexan bodies with separate bumpers. But it was Kazama Auto who really exposed the Japanese RC world to Goo. He imported it and re-branded it in Japan to support the Kazama S15 which paved the way for deep bumper mouldings and separate panels.

After making sure your panels will fit perfectly. Smear it on and act quickly to spread it out with a "finger or similar". The black type gives a bit more setting time, but the clear is pretty quick to go off.

I only use the black when the body colour are dark. I've got black inside these machines but I'm only using black goo on the red car.

once you have everything in place. tape the panels in place. If you accidentally get some bleed, it's pretty easy to slice through and peel off once it's dry so don't worry about that too much.

you can use pegs, or whatever you need to make sure you panels stay in the right spots.

on the white machine

I used clear goo  but even stopping to take this picture risked leaving the goo to dry too quickly. The clear recently dries a bit fast. Even just smearing it over the panels is marginal.

you have to work quickly with clear.

The pandora bodies fit pretty well so you just need to press down hard to make the goo thin enough between flat panels

leave to dry for a good few hours for the clear and a good day for the black.

I'll be re-enforcing the inside with goo and plasterer's tape to make sure the strength is there and to add some weight to the body.

last thing I good was the rear roof spoiler. just scrape the goo onto the leading edge of the spoiler, spread it along and then stick. too easy.

so far I've used goo for the following.

bonnet vents.
rear light buckets
front intercooler
front oil collers
front indicator buckets and led holders
front light buckets inside the popups with led holders
front bumper
rear bumper
roof spoiler
I will be using for

popup light servo mount
mesh inserts etc etc

and Pipes!

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  1. sweet...i used goo on my s15 and it was a lifesaver. Still a few mistakes here and there but overall it came out great


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