Tuesday, August 19, 2014

180SX Project - FLY!

Starting to decorate the 180sx. 

When I checked the project design images I had for sticker placement ... I realised I made a mistake. 

The side skirts are masked incorrectly. I didn't have this on hand when masking in the workshop, DOH! Having done the entire skirt black rather than the two tone required. The rear section of the side skirt doesn't really have any separation in line.I guess thats why I missed that, but the result is just as effective and go un-noticed in the scheme of things.  

I also tried these Kazama rims on the white machine. These are the backup wheels. White Kazama FX-R on the red and Red on the white car.  Still a whole of stickers to be added and the lights to install, but it's coming together.

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