Sunday, November 2, 2014

Aussie Style.

this post should strike a note with many Australians. A legend and his baby bro.

You will have seen my "Lil' Gemmi" over the last few days... But the on track adventures with this Holden Dealer Team Commodore were pretty cool.

 The narrow Gemini is a stark contrast to the ultra wide commodore.

Made famous by Peter Brock, these machines were at the fore front of Australian touring car development in their day.

Sliding the Gemini is fun.

But when you have that period correct image, it gets better.

Some cool laps indeed.

I might have to make up some Country Dealer Team stickers.

Better get out of the way when that V8 rumble comes from behind.

A fw scars starting to appear on the gem. Maybe that primer grey will have to come out.

Kerb hopping the VK looks awesome. Just need a drivers head to complete the picture.

Awesome fun at GCRC

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