Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yakuza and Ninjas at GCRC? Nooooooooooooooooooo!

Yakuza Soarer sitting atop my Ninja chassis. Black theme is strong indeed.

 A bit of theme in my chassis at the moment. D1 Street Legal Soarer and D1 Spec Fd3s Rx7 both looking menacing.

The added size of the soarer is really imposing but somehow balances well to a lot of the other cars on track.

Yokomo one-via are still crazy long.

Ready to blast out.

 I gave a lot of people a try of the new chassis. It's easier to let others try than explain in words.

But thanks to my awesome mechaninc today, it was easy to be on line from the start,

Full angle right on the edge is pretty common with this one.


All my drivers tonight found the chassis pretty nice. Easily able to mix it up.

Triples and quads were the order of things.

The 7.5Turn motor I installed is a bit of overkill but It was a good starting point for reducing tune.

Diving in... With plenty of weight up front, holding the line was no issue.

Plenty of other battles on fire tonight.

Our newest regular at GCRC is running this Honda Odyssey. Quite the cool machine.

See you next time.

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