Sunday, November 16, 2014

GCRC Sunday-San.

Battle time.

RWD  Orange.

CS 2.2 Bunny.

I have this machine setup beautifully. I do not want to touch anything...

although a few clicks and clunks mean. maintenance is required.

But until then... The Rocket is still unstoppable.

Todays 40+ degree temperatures, didn't stop the action.

5 hours of door to door to door to door... for 4 door partners.

Lead or chase... it's planted. 

A very good training session for everyone. Not too much setup work, just hours of drift. 

In an awesome venue.

I like taking shots of the "cupboard"

Just right...

 Action shots are equally cool!  reflection of the track also adding to the effect.

Deeeeeeep 14x10 -14offset lonchamps would do well in real life.

There's always a bunch of cool stuff around.

R34 getting a workout

Tamiya Z-tune 33 is pretty cool.

Pandora R32.

 Cheap street rims for drift.

burn them up!

 Refit your good wheels, and drive home.

 Thanks to my two photographers and my drivers today that help me get some pictures.

See you next time.

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