Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Flow

RE-Xtreme Style

And a whole bunch of cool at GCRC this friday night!

Let's start with the purple punch!




RE-Xtreme Sex Spec FD now running low Matt Black Enkei RP-01 - Very cool!

Joined by this beast of S13

Do you like PURPLE! 

Rear Wheel Drive and High CS 3.0+ running together.

Respectful driving getting close, for action, but leaving the right gap for constant tripple drift.

Traffic makes it even better.

 A lot of shots from a lot of laps side by side.

Into your face!

Along the wall!

Shinning up the competition. 

Just a recap...

Rear wheel drive S13on FXX

Four Wheel Drive 240ZX on R3R

Rear Wheel Drive 180sx on FR-D

High CS FDon R3R

I borrowed some rims for a little while... I had left my CE28N at home. Doh!

These +0 HPI TE37 were looking cool.

And these +0 old style rims suited the Gemini well too.

but dark rims at night are hard to see.

So I ripped it up for a while with these. Note 1/100 scale Caslonic Skyline... Super cool.

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