Sunday, November 23, 2014

Soaring Battles at GCRC

GCRC is heating up. On track action is AMAZING!

I really tried a few new points to shoot from today. The results were very nice.

This selection of images was taken in a 3-4 minute period of battles that last battery after battery. I simply handed the reins of the new GPX-R to a friend and it's a tribute to the depth of skill, that these images result.

Love this shot. Front wheel frozen in position while the body rotates around it.

Street Jam R3R / Kazama runners sharing similar setups are amazing also. Pick up and R31-RS for a cheap price and it's a great entry point to slide central.

very tight battles.

Speed, Angle, Style! Got them all. 

Practicing the competition line. Well not really.

just going for that minimum proximity.

Who will switch first? All together please!

Yakuza Bosses in action.

I need a couple more drivers to complete my chassis.

RWD FR-D also playing among us.

Sunday Slides are soaring to new levels of fun!

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