Wednesday, November 12, 2014

GCRC Take One!

Yep... Tonight was Amazing.

The mods to the RX3 must be cosmetic only or the old guy in the 45 year old Gemini has tuned the gemini a little!

Yes... 13b PP and a stripped bare lightweight might be enough to battle a grunty ER34.

The tow hook should be enough to tell it means business. Surely.

Thanks everyone for the long and short trains and one on one battles.

I was having a ball chasing and being chased.

Next week, the gem might get it's coppertone brother battle partner.

but until then there's no shortage of challengers. A huge thanks to my photographer.  I'm scarcely lucky to get shots of my cars in action.

And others also get some great shots too.

EA Sports.... Responsible for a lot of cool people with the Need For Speed. 

 With the next round of the GCRC Drift Competition coming on November 30. The level is very high across the board. Get down and get some more practice in. I think I need it.

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