Friday, November 28, 2014

GCRC Night Shift #2

Style is not optional at GCRC.

Recently the spaces between machines are dynamic as transitions get closer and closer.

Just about to swap and pop!

depending on the length of the body, them more or less you have to back out before the transition can begin. 

Sometimes the swap looks better when this occurs as the brake then power application happens at slightly different times, 

Anyone who drives an Origin LAbo Pandora 180SX is at a disadvantage. 

the extra overhang accentuates the fact when you are out of position. For a Competition like the one on the coming Sunday at GCRC, it's something to consider.

 While you can get in position, it's MUCH harder to follow and easier for the competition to follow a longer body because they can't get as close to wall or as close to the in clip either. It one of the reasons why I don't run a rear wing on this 180SX.

But this machine looks soooooo coool! The way it's painted accentuates the length. I've toned down the CS 5.0x DRb back to CS 3.8x While not sedate by any means, It's got the right look again.

High contrast is the name of the game here.

CS 3.8 vs the RE-R Hybrid RWD was fun too.

S-Chassis Battle was ON!

RPS13 vs S14 

Closing the gap...

Thanks to everyone at GCRC. Drivers , mechanics and photogaphers. a great community.

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