Thursday, November 20, 2014

V2 Rocket Project ??Start??

Why is a new project almost complete...?... There is a story to this one.

If you have been watching my site for a while, you will know my V1 Rocket has a hard hard hard life. months and  months or more of intense battles have seen it rebuilt a few times as the body panels continue to disintegrate.

So after deciding to get into a V2... SOLD OUT everywhere. and Addiction only does one production run.

On the same day I got the news from my Japanese supplier that there were none to be had, I saw this one come up for sale. A partially finished project was a good choice.

Very pleased upon it's arrival. Of course I've been through a bunch of rims to test looks. Ive kind of settled on running my Blue Top line +12 on this machine, which are not far from the SSRs that were supplied.

There's heaps of detail components like canard set and interior etc so it will be a WIP for a while.

Stance will be similar to this as my V1 is set up perfectly. But maybe 1mm or 2mm wider on the front.
Ahhhh.... Too many details to think about right now.

You can also see the start of a new garage "photo studio" project underway for GCRC also.

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