Saturday, November 1, 2014

Chassis Track & Body width.

How wide is wide? 180mm? 220mm?

I faced a dilemma with the Gemini body. 180mm is very far from my comfort zone.

You can really see the difference. The De-Anodised DRB is for the Rocket Bunny 86. and the red DRB is for the Gemini. As you can expect tuning will be different.

I usually run +9 or +12 offset rims on bodies with wide fender conversions so going back to a stock body required a few firsts.

The Rocket Bunny 86 and RWB 993 that i have share the same layout. +12 rim on 3mm hub up front and +12 rim on 8.5mm Hub with 1.5mm spacer at the rear. I usually compromise the chassis setting a little to achieve fit and finish.

Apart from having to trim the front bumper support to clear the super short front overhang, the rim selection for the Gemini requires +1 offset possibly +2. No more No less. So potentially I can get away with +3 rim with a 3mm HUB.

I currently running a set of Street Jam reversible +1/+10 rims to create the right image and fit.
I also have a set of CE28N that will be used also.

 Setup for GCRC has us all settling on about CS 2.5~4.0 with 3.2 being the norm.

My Gemini runs the RED DRB tuned to CS 3.0. I'll be changing the pulley configuration soon, but ratio will remain the same. Just the way the ratio is created will be different.  

My favourite chassis is still my ultra predictable CS 2.2 DRB. It will soon have my own brand chassis.

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