Sunday, November 30, 2014

GCRC Drift Boss PART #1 - Practice.

A great turnout for another day of competition... Ahh the stress.

Variety was excellent. Old School, Modern, D1, Street, Rally.

Bright colours and contrasts.

A couple of similar 86s and Focuses but a loy of different machines.

 Isuzu Bellett was pretty cool. 

 With so much variation it makes drift even more interesting.

Ford Focus overhang is near zero. great for battle.

Track was open for practice and setup.  Emphasis is on fun, but the nerves do get you in.

Finding a line.

 Finding a speed is also important. Too fast or slow makes drifting on the wall or closing speed in a battle hard to manage.

Counter steer

Or 50:50.

Or even RWD. The way the event is run, it doesn't really matter. Line emulation is the key.

To get Maximum points in qualify, this line is actually pretty damn good.

 Something about this R31 that loves the camera.

Speed and angle.

Style is good too.

Setup for Battle is different, but equally as important as qualify.

Everyone was getting deep in the scoring zones.

under the flags also.

Maybe it's just gun metal that looks great.

in tandem they look even better.

Focus RS.

Like the angle. Some great battles in practice... More to come.

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