Saturday, November 29, 2014

Millennium Raceway Show and Shine.

A little event at Millennium raceway. How do you choose a winner among this bunch.

I took some of my shells to enter, however I ended up being a judge which is no easy choice let me tell you.  

So without having to judge my own shells, (a lot of nice comments on the RWB Thank you!)

And the Gemini also out of the equation. you think it would be easier. 

No way, I think there were at least 10 that could have taken out this shell concours event.

Every single shell has some kind of cool customisation. This drift works Cefiro was pretty cool.

As did this panda tureno that a had a great "Feel" to it.

Custom Plates were on 80% of the entries, so that item can be eliminated as were roll cages and other usually unusal items that seem to have become the norm for a modified shell.

While the front of this 86 had posts, the over concept was very cool. the rear also had a lot of detail.

How about a pandora R33 with custom working sunroof, tow hooks and other features.

A Kaido Racer however the rims and theme somewhat mismatch.

The paint on the side of this Kazama S15 (now available as MST) was amazing! With a little more tweaking this shell has real potential.

This Red RX3 in Street Trim had an awesome colour. But the "boro boro" RX3 grabs your attention 

The concept was executed well. That's what attracted the judges towards  this machine.

distressed glass and a long list of additions.

This KE Corolla also had a great amount of detail. How can you overlook this?

Well with several engine bays on show. You have pleanty to choose from. One of my Short list.

I actually like BIG LEZ's R32. hehe.. LEZ... hehe

HKS Sticker set is a nice touch. I don;t mind a bit of drift carnage.

Labo variations were also on show. Panel lines, custom muffler, wing, cage, tow hook, light buckets, etc etc etc. These are all somehow considered standard these days.

Reality has truely invaded the RC drift community.

 Gotta love an all black S13.

When three friends enter a comp, who will win?

A slice of individuality.

 helps you stand out.

180sx Rocket Bunny Addiction has begun.

Very cool additions. 

Those wide fenders a wide for a reason. Deep stance is requred.

This white machine had everyone talking too.

Another cohesive concept. Rear bar cutout adds to the detail.

Nice custom v-mount added to the engine bay.

I think everyone starts with a AE86 don't they? 

Another unique body you don't see often. Well detailed.

Speaking of details. some items on this S15 are amazing.

This V2 also caught the eye for a cohesive concept. All the pieces are there. How can you compare this.

to this very nicely detailed VW Beetle.

 or this Hiace.

Do you check the Deep stance

the deep interiors. 

Or the cleanliness of this 86.

Just like this MST RMX... Clean.

Street Hachi also impressive.

So as you look back up through these photos...

Think you yourself. How many of these do I like? Which one is best? If the answer is more than one and "I can't decide."

Think again, and again and again until you get one.

Drift shells are getting better and better.

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