Saturday, November 1, 2014

GCRC Genimi 12 hour

Debut today in the GCRC almost 12 hour tuning session.

 While today, I took 2 cars to GCRC, It was all about the Gemini.

Setting up the thin narrow chassis is something I haven't done for a long long time. 

Comparing the super wide RB and the high school Gemini is a little strange... but the same principles apply.

Test, tweak, try, twist, tune.

I did find a very nice drivable setting, but for battle, it wasn't grippy enough.

So a few variations later,

I had something competitive/ good enough for battle.

Its fun driving different chassis.  Even though I have 3 DRBs, they are all so different in setup, they take on their own personality.

Battle test #1 vs R3R Rear Motor Conversion...

Gemini... needs more grip

Battle Test #2 vs R3R 

Gemini... working its way there.

Battle Test #2 vs TA-05 Modified.

Gemini... Turn up the revs for this one!

Parked up after a hard day.

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