Friday, November 21, 2014

GCRC Friday Midnight Battle Zone

Deep in the ZONE... Black can invade your soul!

This kind of gathering invokes serious inspiration.

Serious battle machines lined up and ready.

Some definite groupings appear pretty quickly. S-chassis groupings, 86 groupings, the 1J powered and the RWD Pure Sports cars..

What a great bunch for battle.

'80s Soarer with R3R and '90s Soarer with GPX-R A very nice match.

I found some willing photographers also.

Capturing some awesome action. with different eyes.

Going in deep!

Perfect lines out of the hairpin.

BLAST PAST with a silent aggression!

We are both still tuning these machines.

So the smoothness is not quite there yet. But close.

I tried these chrome Meisters for that VIP look.

Not bad for looks and easier to see in the dark.  Sizing of the RC-ART Soarer is good against the S14.

Overdose JZX100 tuned in.

I've been trying hard to improve my lead runs and my challenger has been working on the chase. 

We are definitely reaping the rewards.

With the right lines and proximity sorted.

 When working in trio, attacks come fast.

Sometimes your first, then you blink and you're last...

Thanks for the pics, the battles and jokes.... Blokes.

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